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Healing Through Energy, Thought, Intuition, Vibration and Love

Broadcast on July 27, 2022
With Dr. Divi Chandna
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

As humans, we all have different stories from our childhood. Dr. Divi Chandna teaches us that these stories are the keys to healing. Within each of us are traumatized wounds that are stuck in fight, or flight, or freeze. As we get to know these wounds and observe them we can heal them — and this is the key to healing in the present.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Healing is available for each of us and the Universe/Spirit wants us to heal
  • Healing is a process of getting to know our patterns and how they show up in our lives, as they are often subtle and repetitive
  • How to heal and hold space for your pain body by tapping into spirit, raising intuition, and getting to know the vibration of love 
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Dr. Divi Chandna

MD, Intuitive Coach, Founder of The Intuitive Coach Training

Author and keynote speaker Dr. Divi Chandna believes our power lies within us. She loves to help clients shift, heal, and transform their lives through intuition, love, and waking up to their own power. She started her career as a family physician, but after becoming sick herself, she discovered the power of yoga and meditation, practices that unlocked her intuitive gifts. Divi has been practicing as a professional certified intuitive for the past ten years, and clearly sees the link between our thoughts, emotions, illness and health. She founded and runs a program called Intuitive Coach Training (ICT) to help people awaken to their own gifts, and heal themselves. 

Dr. Divi Chandna