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How to Embrace Intuition and Self-Compassion to Find Freedom

Broadcast on July 27, 2022
With Dayna Macy
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Self-awareness begins with a hunch. We can often sense the deepest truths about ourselves before we reason them through. This session will focus on how the practice of tapping into your intuition combined with radical self-compassion and acceptance of self can lead to a healthier body, and la life filled with greater freedom and joy.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to ground the body to receive intuition and insight
  • How intuition and self-compassion are essential to finding freedom
  • How to distinguish between intuition and wishful thinking or fear
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Dayna Macy

Author of Ravenous: A Food Lover's Journey from Obssession to Freedom

Dayna Macy is author of Ravenous: A Food Lover's Journey from Obsession to Freedom. Her memoir asked one question —how could she, a food lover and lifelong overeater, learn to be satisfied? Her memoir detailed her travels across the country, meeting the people who helped her untangle the complicated nexus lying beneath this question, leading her to discover some basic truths on her quest to lose weight and find her comfortable body. She discovered that kindness is essential, that perfection is the enemy of the good, and that all bodies, no matter what shape or size, are magnificent and intelligent allies on our path to spiritual wholeness.

Dayna was formerly the director of communications for The Shift Network and has led the communications departments for many storied media companies, including Yoga Journal, where she also wrote many essays about women, spirituality, and body image. 

Dayna Macy