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The Journey to Intuitive Healing

Broadcast on July 29, 2022
With Farzana Nayani
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

As we are challenged by events in our personal lives and the world around us, how can intuitive healing be a source of support for us? Farzana Nayani teaches us to recognize and cultivate moments of intuitive healing, and how to foster your own journey into tapping into your inner potential to heal and thrive.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How intuitive healing supports you as an individual as well as our communities
  • What intuitive healing can look and feel like, how to recognize it and foster it in your own life
  • How to reflect on your experiences of healing, honor the journey, and tap into your intuitive knowing
The opinions expressed here are those of the author/presenter and are not representative of Shift Network employees, customers, or other presenters.
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Farzana Nayani

Author, Intuitive Coach, and Organizational consultant

Farzana Nayani is an author, intuitive coach, healer facilitator, and organizational consultant. She works with Fortune 500 corporations, public agencies, higher education institutions, school districts, and nonprofit organizations to support true connectedness to one’s identity and how to lead with a greater purpose. Her individual coaching practice emphasizes the embodiment of an alignment of self as connected to one’s heritage and lineage. She incorporates intuitive readings and energetic healing within individual and group sessions to aid in resolving conflict, being “stuck” and finding clarity. These experiences lead to deep transformational shifts in consciousness that create lasting impact. Farzana's multiethnic heritage and keen perspectives are informed by a cross-cultural approach that resonates with clients and audiences from all over the world.

Farzana’s consulting expertise and thoughts on how to cultivate equity and belonging in society have been featured in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, DiversityInc, Parents magazine, NPR, The Washington Post, Marie Claire, and the LA Times. Her book Raising Multiracial Children: Tools for Nurturing Identity in a Racialized World was released in 2020, and her latest book The Power of Employee Resource Groups: How People Create Authentic Change was released in June 2022. Farzana leads retreats and programs for individuals and groups that emphasize the discovery of self and connection to one’s ancestral and cultural heritage, to foster the surfacing of one’s true potential.

Farzana Nayani