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PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of TWELVE compelling audio and video recordings, including a substantive Intuitive Medicine course sampler with preeminent Shift faculty (a $297.00 value in itself!)


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“Owning Your Health”: Finding Confidence, Empowerment & Inner Knowing

You're not alone in your desire to own your health, and to know at a soul-deep level the right health decisions for you. If you’ve struggled with chronic ailments or mystery symptoms, intuitive medicine may provide you with the valuable insights you need to start experiencing greater wellbeing.

In this first-ever Intuitive Medicine Summit series, we’ve gathered many of the world’s foremost medical experts, mediums, energy healers, and health practitioners in this ancient and revolutionary area of science who can guide you to develop the skills to become your own medical intuitive.

Of course, intuition is not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Rather, it can be used as a tool to aid in the healing process.

These days, many of us no longer have the skills or confidence to acknowledge and translate the wisdom of our bodies. Fortunately, we can retrain ourselves to listen to the signals of our bodies so we can take correct action for improving our health and healing.

The Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection gives you access to time-tested and contemporary perspectives, as well as practical teachings that can assist you on your journey to learn your body’s signals — so you can substantially strengthen your relationship to your body and more deeply access your intuition for transformational healing.

You can use these new learnings and skills to approach healing from a fresh, new angle — and feel more confident in partnering with your healthcare provider to pinpoint and address chronic medical issues so you can improve and maintain your health for years to come.

PLUS, you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you act NOW:

Intuitive Medicine for Daily Life: Course Sampler

3-Part Video Sampler From Shift Network Faculty

Discovering the Secrets of Intuitive Healing With Judith Orloff, MD

In this opening module from the Shift course Awakening Your Intuitive Healing Power with Dr. Judith Orloff, you’ll discover how the intersection of intuition and healing awakens an inner intelligence that can harness the power of wellness and release stress and dis-ease. You’ll discover how Dr. Orloff overcame her fears to integrate intuitive healing with her work as a conventional physician, ways intuition can clarify your life’s meaning and purpose at every stage, a guided meditation to connect you with your intuitive self, and more.

Understanding the Language of the Body With Mona Delfino

In this opening module from the Shift course Become Your Own Medical Intuitive with Mona Delfino, you’ll discover the true meaning of medical intuition — and the healing power that comes with understanding the language of the body, as well as the breakthroughs that happen when you tune into this language… You’ll explore questions like, “How is the body created?” And “Why do we NEED a physical body?” Mona will take you on a deep dive into medical intuition’s foundations as you learn how emotions, the spirit, and the mind all integrate with the physical body.

Empathic Intuition With Wendy De Rosa

In this opening module from the Shift course Expanding Powers of Intuition for Sensitives & Empaths with Wendy De Rosa, you’ll discover insights into why as an empath you may “ground the world” at the expense of your own grounding. You’ll also learn the keys to creating the ideal energetic conditions in your system to support all aspects of your intuition. You’ll find out how to heal and transform through your relationships — and hold your energy as an empowered empath. Wendy will also share a guided healing to detox others’ energy and ground in your empathic, intuitive Self.

Access Intuitive Guidance for Healing: A Shift Course Sampler

3-Part Audio Compilation From Ellen Meredith

Enjoy a robust introduction to the work of seasoned medical intuitive Ellen Meredith with 3 full-length audio classes drawn from her course In Search of Radiance: Learning to Stand With Your Wiser Self. Together these classes provide a mini-course in accessing guidance and using it wisely. The excerpts include “Creating Space for Guidance,” “Opening — Personal and Collective,” and “Road Trips in the Country of the Mind.”

Empower Yourself and Your Energy Field

Guided Audio Meditation With Renowned Medical Intuitive Tina Zion

Are you in charge of your own personal energy field? This guided meditation quickly and gently leads you through each step to empower your health, vitality, your protection, and wellbeing. You are more than a body and a brain: you are an electrically alive energy field. Your field is vibrating within each cell of your physical body, but at the same time, your electrical aliveness reaches out to others and interlaces with the entire world around you. Learn how to deliberately direct your energy field. 

So Hum Meditation

Soothing Sonic Meditation With Masami Covey

Indulge in this replenishing meditation to expand your consciousness, restore vagal tone, harmonize your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. So-Hum meditation increases overall health, and brings a sense of tranquility, clarity, and calmness that simultaneously cultivates your innate intuitive nature. This meditation is accompanied by original harmonium music to enhance your brain waves and activate healing. Headphones are recommended.

Seasonal Qigong Empowerment Series

Video Practice From Robert Peng

Savor this live video guide with a living Qigong master, taken from the Seasonal Qigong Empowerment Series. This specialized practice is designed to enliven your vertebrae (Thoracic 11). It includes shaking to activate your energy, movement to strengthen your vertebrae, and meditation to empower the universal energy into your spine and organs.

Clairaudient Empathy

18-Minute Video Teaching With Cyndi Dale

Clairaudient Empathy addresses one of the primary challenges in assessing and healing a bodily issue — which is to understand its cause. Another challenge is to then know what to do about it. In this short discussion and exercise, Cyndi walks you through a potent technique for shifting the energy of a physical problem into your fifth chakra, the center of intuitive verbalization. Here, that energy can help you comprehend the cause of the issue, know what actions to take, and welcome healing energies.

Igniting the Hologram of Health

Guided Video Process With Marie Manuchehri

Enjoy this salient fifteen minute meditation to activate your natural healing genius. You'll be guided into methods for engaging your sympathetic nervous system and then ways to relax & unleash the parasympathetic nervous system (or relaxation) response. These contrasting practices allow you to "tone" your nervous system, being able to more masterfully dip in and out of helpful responses to stress and stimulii. 

Illumination: Grounding Meditation to Expand your Visioning Potential

Guided Audio Journey With Amelia Vogler

Enjoy a 10-minute grounding meditation recorded by a Grammy-nominated producer. This harmony-inducing journey brings you into deep restorative connection with the Earth and the cosmos. Using the imagery of a great tree and celestial wisdom, you'll find an anchor between Earth and heaven. You'll reconnect with the power that is always available — amplifying your health, your strength, and your vision. This meditation was intentionally created after studying the effects of certain words, images, tones, and pauses on the energy system and body. The beautiful music was composed intentionally for the meditation and refined by watching and feeling the energy system change until the music was in harmonic resonance with the spoken words. 

Hormone Health: Navigating the Midlife Roller Coaster

Ebook from Dr. Bal Pawa

This comprehensive 85-page ebook from Dr. Pawa helps you learn all about the role that your hormones play in virtually every body function. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how you can assess and optimize your health and vitality for many years to come!

Your Inner Spaces

A Guided Somatic Audio Journey With Lavinia Plonka

Embark on a somatic adventure to places in your body you may only rarely connect with: The inside of your mouth... your eye sockets... your skull... your abdominal cavity. Who thinks of those spaces? And yet, they contain essential organs and functions. Journey with renowned somatic movement pioneer Lavinia Plonka into the inside of your head and discover how that simple act can change everything... and learn how to re-map your internal GPS. 

Heal Yourself, Heal The World Chakra Reference Guide by Deborah King

Reference Guide by Deborah King

Deborah King has created an illustrative PDF guide to the chakras. This guide is intended to help those seeking answers for common physical problems and what suggestions are recommended. In her guide she shares why the suggested remedy works and what chakra the issues relate to.

You’ll receive ALL these bonuses PLUS infinite access to the audio and video recordings and transcripts of every series session — empowering you with essential teachings on the latest research and healing applications from leaders and luminaries.

With the Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection, you’ll find insightful, yet actionable wisdom from the Intuitive Medicine Summit series experts — and the modalities they use to guide you toward greater ownership of your health and healing.

Package Value: $500 

Now Only $247

Tune in to the Healing Language of Your Body

The speakers in the Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection will demonstrate practical and revolutionary approaches to intuitive medicine, showing you that it’s possible to use your body’s innate wisdom for healing and vitality.

Here’s some of what our world-class speakers will share with you...

Cyndi Dale will teach you how to assess your issues through “empathic chakras,” and how to open to natural, physical, relational, spiritual, and other sources of healing.

Dr. Titus Chiu will explore the regions of the brain involved in intuition, and based on that new understanding, provide some practical tips to strengthen your intuition.

Unlock the secrets of energy communication in the body and beyond with Deborah King.

Steven Washington will help you reconnect with your intuition as an important part of creating a multi-pronged strategy for addiction recovery.

Judith Orloff, MD, will show you how to leverage déjà vu, synchronicities, and predictions to improve the quality of your decisions, health, and life.

Robert Peng will introduce Jieqi – the “mini-season,” and how this is associated with our health, especially our vertebrae.

Enjoy an impactful session with Jean Haner as she leads you through a visualization to intuitively bring balance back to each of your energy centers.

Dr. Shamani Jain will share leading-edge research in subtle energy healing, as well as key self-care biofield practices from ancient spiritual and traditional medicine traditions.

Join renowned medical intuitive Tina Zion to learn steps to build your intuition and work with your energy field to enhance healing for yourself and others.


And much more!

Your Pathway to Understanding Intuitive Medicine

Our experts will guide you along exciting proven pathways to strengthen your “muscle” of intuition, empowering you to make the right medical decisions for yourself.

You’ll benefit from the curative and evolutionary power of bridging ancient wisdom with modern science, finding your own way to integrate their methods into your life based on your unique needs and experiences.

With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:

  • How to strengthen your own intuition — and use it for healing
  • Ways to develop your intuitive faculties, such as energetic shielding, water-gazing, ancestral meditations, and communication with the animal world
  • The latest scientific research on medical intuition and related healthcare practices
  • How to practice “listening to the heart" for inner guidance when confronted with complex medical questions
  • Details about your medical guides and why you might want to access the Akashic records to find past-life information that may help you heal current problems
  • The connection between addiction, recovery, and intuition
  • Common issues that can lead to thyroid disorders, Hashimoto's disease, and other chronic illnesses
  • An Indigenous approach to intuitive medicine known as “spirit-guided medicine”
  • Ways to apply the balm of “human touch” in healing the sensual deprivation, physical isolation, and spiritual imbalance affecting us during the COVID-19 quarantine
  • What muscle testing is and how it can help you get answers from your subconscious
  • Which glands are most vital to your healthand how they align with the energy system of the chakras
  • The different types of empathic powers through which your body can sense its deeper needs and open to healing
  • Powerful ways to identify emotional trauma and find lasting relief
  • And many more beautiful discoveries…

When you own the Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection 2021, you’ll receive inspiring, yet practical insights into how to leverage your own inner wisdom to support the natural healing process.


Here’s What You’ll Receive:

Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection 2021

This package gives you the opportunity to receive INSTANT and lifetime access to:

Video Recordings of EVERY session in the Intuitive Medicine Summit series — watch on any connected device

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the Intuitive Medicine Summit series — listen on any connected device

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of TWELVE compelling audio and video recordings, including a substantive Intuitive Medicine course sampler with preeminent Shift faculty (a $297.00 value in itself!)


Package Value: $500 

Now Only $247



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